Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by Ax100000...)

You release Jenny and focus your attention on the doctor, but not before whispering in the nurse’s ear, “I’m not finished with you.”

You sneak behind Doctor Mandy and place your hands right on her lab coat. “You’re mine now,” you whisper. She lets out a soft quick moan as you tear her clothes off. Before long, she’s standing naked in front of you. You get her up on the desk and sneak one invisible finger in her tight little ass.

You command Jenny to get on the desk as well and without further orders, the slutty nurse takes the doctor’s pretty little toes in her mouth. She proceeds to suck on them and beautifully lick all of the doctor’s foot, toe to heel.

You can’t take it anymore. You thrust your hard cock into the doctor’s sweet pussy and begin fucking her passionately. It’s quite freaky watching her pussy open and stretched around your invisible member, her pussy lips clinging to your transparent shaft.

After Doctor Mandy completely soaks the nurse’s foot, she pulls her closer to dive into the nurse’s warm and swollen pussy. Nurse Jenny wraps her legs around the doctor’s neck and arches her back in extreme pleasure and relief.

Taking the opportunity to increase Nurse Jenny’s pleasure you lift the her neglected foot to your mouth, licking and kissing it hungrily.

“Please fuck me harder I’m so close!” yells the consumed doctor. You pick up your pace and her juices are soaking up your cock. “Oh fuck! Oh fuccccck! I’m cumming!”

Your orgasm is synched with hers and after one more thrust from the doctor’s tongue in the nurse’s pussy the nurse begins to squirt warm juices all over you. You pull your cock out and tell Jenny and Mandy to put their feet next to each other on the table. “I’m cumming! Oh fuck here I come!”

Stream after stream of your precious, warm cum materializes in mid-air, coating their beautiful feet. They put each other’s feet in their mouths one more time and suck all the cum off, even between the toes.

“Mmmm… Now what do you have in mind?” asks Jenny in your general direction.