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(Medical Experiments, continued by MFPal...)

Nurse Jenny is a hot little thing but Doctor Mandy is a fucking bombshell.

“I’d like it to be you, Doctor,” you say tentatively, glancing at Nurse Jenny. Nurse Jenny seems to not mind. She dutifully moves to the side, the better to see what Doctor Mandy does.

Doctor Mandy kneels down if front of you so that your erect dick is right in front of her face. She turns to Nurse Jenny as she begins unbuttoning her lab coat.

“Men are very visual. If we are to collect this sample, he needs to be properly stimulated.” Doctor Mandy’s curves are sure to get you stimulated. Under the white coat, she is wearing a tank top that hugs her body tightly. You can see the rims of a lacy bra poking from the edges. Doctor Mandy shrugs off the coat and works her arms through the straps of the top and rolls it down to her waist. Her torso is bare apart from the bra, and you can see a slim, but athletic figure.

Nurse Jenny slowly moves further around to be behind you, her vision of Doctor Mandy not blocked by your invisible body. You don’t take much notice of this because right then, the Doctor fiddles with the clasp at the front of the bra and it opens revealing the contents. Doctor Mandy’s breasts are large and surprisingly perky for their size. The little nipples are standing out bright pink against her tanned skin. You also notice: no tan lines.

“And just in case you were wondering, Steve,” Doctor Mandy says, looking down at her chest and pinching her nipples in a playful sort of way. “These are 100% natural.” She hefts her tits and gives them a jiggle that silicone could not duplicate.

“But let’s turn our attention to you,” Doctor Mandy continues. She finds your shaft again and gives it a stroke to find its base and tip. Her warm hand feels amazing. “Nurse Jenny, I want you to pay close attention.”

You look down, and Doctor Mandy seems to be talking to your cock. Instead, she is speaking to Nurse Jenny, who is kneeling behind you, opposite Doctor Mandy, and they can see each other through you.

“Moisture is very important in collecting this sort of sample,” says Doctor Mandy. “Dryness will cause irritation that would be counterproductive. You must add moisture before stimulation.” Then Doctor Mandy sticks out her tongue and lets it glide over your cock. It gets covered in a film of the Doctor’s saliva and you can see your dick’s outline. Doctor Mandy starts m her fist and you can feel the sexual pressure begin to build.

“Doctor,” asks Jenny. “Isn’t there a better way to make sure that the patient is wet?”

Doctor Mandy smiles approvingly. “Why, yes there is. I was just coming to that. While the moisture is there now, the friction of the stimulation will make it dry. What you can do is stimulate it in a moist environment.”

Moist environment you wonder. What could she mean by th…

Your thought are disrupted by Mandy’s tongue flicking against your cock head. Then she kisses it and engulfs your cock into her warm, wet mouth. Your feel her lips wrap around your tip, stroke your shaft, and not a hint of a tooth to break the sensation.

She still has a hand wrapped around the base of your cock and her mouth stops just before it touches her thumb. She pulls back and your cock pops out of the doctor’s mouth.

“He is a fairly large individual,” says Doctor Mandy. “Tell me, Jenny, have you ever deep-throated a man?”

Doctor Mandy is still distracting you by working your shaft with her hand, but you hear Nurse Jenny say “Not… not really.”

“Then watch closely,” Doctor Mandy responds. “With a specimen this size, it is not only pleasurable, but essential to stimulate the whole organ.”

Doctor Mandy moves her lips around your cock head, lewdly making the whole thing drip with saliva. Slowly she takes the tip into her mouth and you feel the exquisite sensation of her warm lips slide over your skin. Then she thrusts her head forward. You feel your tip pass through something tight and you realise that you are feeling the inside of Mandy’s throat. It’s wet and tight as you feel her tongue lapping at your shaft as she makes strangled noises, almost choking on your rod.

You feel a boiling in your balls that is familiar. This is the part where you would normally grab the girl by the hips and start thrusting for all that you are worth, but Doctor Mandy pulls her head back with a gasp of air, like rising from a deep dive. You feel the boiling sensation lessen.

“Nurse Jenny,” says Doctor Mandy. “The next part of the procedure requires specialised equipment. Before showing it to you, I need to see that you have them.” Looking through yourself, you can tell Nurse Jenny is confused. “Let me see your breasts.” Doctor Mandy clarifies.

Nurse Jenny obediently shrugs off her lab coat and in one smooth motion pulls off her top. Her large, pert breasts bounce out without a bra. They may not be as big as Doctor Mandy’s, but they are very perky and impressive.

“Very nice,” mutters Doctor Mandy, her voice getting more sultry. “With no bra, you seem to have a natural inclination to this line of work. And natural. Good. Natural always produces the best results.”

Doctor Mandy gives your cock tip a quick lick and then pushes her great tits around it. She spits down her cleavage a few times to lube the area up, and then she begins moving in earnest. She squeezes her tits up and down your shaft, occasionally rubbing her breasts alternately up and down.

As you get closer to finishing, you see a line of fluid creep up along the line of your invisible dick, through the tunnel between Doctor Mandy’s tits, and forming a droplet at your tip.

“He’s about to cum,” says Doctor Mandy breathlessly. She seems almost as excited as you are. “We’re about to get that sample. She licks the precum from you before continuing.

You don’t last long. With a jolt, you shove your dick as far into Doctor Mandy’s tits as you can as a line of white replaces the precum. You are sure that the Doctor’s beloved sample is going to splash all over her face and neck, but Nurse Jenny’s hand comes out of nowhere holding a petri dish. All of your cum splatters into the plastic dish and Nurse Jenny’s soft hands help tease out the last of it.

“I got the sample, Doctor,” she says proudly.

“Very well done,” replies Doctor Mandy with a smile.

“That was amazing,” says Nurse Jenny. You notice her hand wander down to her crotch, where her skirt is missing and her panties are soaked.

“I think,” Doctor Mandy says, turning to you. “That Nurse Jenny would like to have a go with you. But I want you inside me.”

“I do too!” cries Nurse Jenny. “I want you inside me too. But I think we should let you decide.”

Both women stand and shrug of their remaining clothes. Nurse Jenny and Doctor Mandy are standing before you, showing off their beautiful naked bodies.

“Who do you want now, Steve?” purrs Doctor Mandy.