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(Medical Experiments, continued by MFPal...)

Your see-through cock is rock hard just from staring at the Doctor’s amazing tits. You couldn’t turn her offer down if you wanted to (not that you do.)

“Doctor,” you groan. “Could you…”

She does not wait for you to finish. “Lie back on the couch,” she says in that low, smoky voice. You immediately obey.

“How is this for you?” Doctor Mandy asks as she slides a hand down and begins playing with her clit. “Mmmm,” she moans appreciatively as she reaches out and finds your rock hard member, still slightly visible due to its cum. “I can see that it’s working for you.”

“Doctor,” you hear Nurse Jenny say. It surprises you. With the sight of Doctor Mandy’s magnificent body, you had forgotten that she was in the room.

“Oh, my,” says Doctor Mandy. “Where are my manners? Nurse Jenny, come over here so you can get better acquainted with this technique.” With that, Nurse Jenny strolls next to the couch and kneels down so that she is at eye level with the throbbing patch of air that Doctor Mandy is stroking.

Doctor Mandy impatiently pulls down her thong and cocks a legs over to your other side. She lifts herself up so that her feet are either side of your hips.

As Doctor Mandy lowers herself, your cock rubs against her slit and prods her clit, but does not penetrate. Doctor Mandy moans at the sensation, but is obviously not satisfied as she raises herself up. She takes your cock between her finger and thumb and guides it inside her as she lowers herself again.

It feels incredible. Doctor Mandy’s pussy is so hot and wet. It grips you tightly, feeling like it is pulling you in.

“Doctor?” Nurse Jenny asks. “How does it feel?”

“Uh, ohhh! Amazing…” Doctor Mandy sighs. The feeling is mutual. Her hot cunt is softly massaging your cock beautifully. You can feel every contour of her insides, and they are exquisite.

Suddenly, you see the pale legs of Nurse Jenny in your face. She has gotten up onto the couch, kneeling opposite Doctor Mandy. This could be interesting.