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(Medical Experiments, continued by MFPal...)

Your eye is caught by the cute blonde. Her girl-next-door face is pleading. She must have gotten really turned on. As you look at her petite curves and her impressive chest, you feel that you would hate yourself if you left this sexy thing hanging.

“I’d like Jenny, please,” you say.

Nurse Jenny’s eyes widen in surprise and delight as a sly smile spreads across Doctor Mandy’s face.

“Lie back on the couch, Steve” commands the doctor. You do and the two women discard what remains of their clothes. You watch as the curvaceous Doctor guides over the sexy Nurse. The sway of those pale, young hips as she steps towards you makes your cock twitch.

Doctor Mandy feels around and eventually wraps her warm fingers around your thick shaft. She then used her other hand to guide Nurse Jenny up onto the couch so that she is straddling you, knees on either side of your hips.

From this perspective, she is a vision. Soft, smooth legs, generous hips with enough teen baby fat to look sexy, and that curving into a narrow, tight waist. Her whole upper body is slim and nubile, apart from those large, natural breasts that amazingly have the perkiness of youth that normally only come with more modest builds.

“Doctor,” Nurse Jenny says, biting on a finger. “He feels very big. I’m not sure… I mean I’ve never… not one so big.”

“Don’t worry, Jenny,” says Doctor Mandy soothingly. She gives your invisible shaft a few strokes to keep you hard, not that it needs it with these two goddesses here. “It will feel amazing as long as you are properly stimulated.”

Doctor Mandy moves her head down and begins licking Nurse Jenny’s pink pussy. “Oh, Doctor!” she squeals. Nurse Jenny throws her head back in bliss and her hands come up to play with her tits. Doctor Mandy’s hand comes off your dick and disappears between Nurse Jenny’s legs.

“Oh, Doctor!” Nurse Jenny moans again. “Your tongue feels so good! And your fingers are so…” she gives a little cry of surprise and pleasure. “Doctor, your opening me up! Your fingers are opening up my cunny!”

Doctor Mandy gives Jenny’s clitoris a final kiss and then looks up at her and the Nurse looks down at her. “I think you’re about ready.”

Doctor Mandy backs off and grips your shaft again. Nurse Jenny raises herself to allow your long cock to be positioned just under her. With one hand spreading her puffy, pink lips, Nurse Jenny lowers herself onto your tip. Her eyes close and her mouth opens in a silent scream as your red hot cockhead pushes into her. She takes it only just past the tip before she starts to pull back and gasps shakily.

Doctor Mandy positions herself beside you as the sexy little nurse slowly moves up and down, never letting you enter more than a few inches into her. “She needs to do more than that,” whispers Doctor Mandy in your ear. “Make her do it properly.”

You reach out and take her soft hips in your hands. Your invisible hands make depressions in her flesh. Doctor Mandy says “Jenny, just relax.” Nurse Jenny’s eyes open in comprehension, but before she can say anything, you pull her down so that her clit is pressing against your belly. Her pussy is tight and hot. It quivers as Nurse Jenny screams in surprise that turns into bone-deep pleasure.

“That’s a good nurse,” says Doctor Mandy. “Happy to do whatever it takes to help the patient.”

Nurse Jenny then starts moving. She bounces up and down on your cock, moaning and crying out. You feel every contour of her young, tight pussy as she plunges you into her again and again and again. Her big tits are bouncing lewdly, the sight making your dick even harder inside her.

Doctor Mandy kneels above your head, reaches over you and takes Nurse Jenny’s breasts in her hands and begins massaging them. Nurse Jenny bites her lip and moans at the sensation.

Then Doctor Mandy leans over and presses her lips to Jenny’s. “You are so fucking adorable,” mutters Doctor Mandy before driving her tongue into Jenny’s mouth.

You might cum right there, but you want something more.