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(Medical Experiments, continued by Pen...)

“With these god-like powers I can get everything I ever wanted, or everyone,” you think to yourself.

“Get naked!” you command the girls. “From now on you are my slaves! The first slaves of my personal harem!”

“Yes Sir!” yell Jenny and Mandy, and start to undress themselves right there in the University courtyard.

“From now on you call me master, understand?”

“Yes Master,” reply your naked slaves.

A group of three young college girls start walking past, then they suddenly stop and stare mindlessly at you.

“Mmmm… new sex slaves! You three! Stand up in a line and get naked. From now on you are my slaves. Forget your early life you exist only to serve your master!” you command, giddy with power.

“Yes master!” say the girls as you laugh evilly.