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(Medical Experiments, continued by Pen...)

Followed by your five sex slaves you go to the campus administration building and commandeer the public address system. You announce that all girls have to come to the internal courtyard.

A few minutes later a hundred hot girls are mindlessly staring at you.

“I am you new master. You are all my sex slaves. Now get naked. Then you call all your other hot girlfriends and invite them here. They have to be my slaves too.”

“Yes master,” they all reply in unison. You find yourself surrounded by sexy college students, all stripping each other naked. Soon bras and panties are scattered all over the courtyard.

“This is a pussy paradise!” you think. You grab the nearest girl, a cute little blonde, and bend her over a bench. She makes no effort to resist as you whip your cock out of your pants and start fucking her vigorously from behind.