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(Medical Experiments, continued by Pen...)

Nurse Jenny’s blowjob is pretty awesome, and normally you would give it your full attention, but your new-found power has set your mind racing.

“I wish I could fly, shoot lasers out of my eyes, teleport, have super strength, the ability to make people be my slaves with my voice, an I.Q. of 1000 and no ability to feel guilt!”

After drenching Jenny’s face with an epic load of cum, you teleport to the White House and appear directly in front of the President.

“Who are you?” asks the leader of the free world, surprised to find you in his bathroom.

“I’m the new almighty god-king of the universe. Now worship your god, little human!”

The President falls to his knees. “I obey God Steve. I exist to serve and obey god Steve.”

You laugh out loud. “All humans are my mindless slaves!”

You turn on the television and see on the news that all humanity have started worshipping their god Steve. The master of the universe.

“I wish I had a huge golden palace worthy of a god, with a golden throne.”

When you open your eyes you are standing before your throne in the middle of a golden hall.

“I wish every supermodel and all other attractive girls from 18 to 25 were my personal sex slaves.”

Thousands of beautiful girls appear and start worshipping their god.

“I wish I were immortal.”

You are the god king of the universe. Now and forever.

The End