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(Medical Experiments, continued by Freed...)

“Well first ladies, I think I need a costume, correct? Know where I can get one? A nice and flashy one to be precise.”

Nurse Jenny looks at you and says, “I can knit pretty well, want me to make you one?”

You reply almost immediately, “Of course! Can you use the color scheme blue and gold?”

Jenny begins to say, “Sure, no prob,” when suddenly two guards walk in. Two of them, both male.

You freeze time and drag them over to where the now frozen ladies are, and begin to undress them as well. One is a tan, blonde man with a muscled body. It looks like he works out, and never stops. You remove his pants, and see a twelve inch stuffed in, hard. You check down your own pants, and see a side effect that Doctor Mandy did not mention at all! It made your dick grow to fifteen inches and it’s extremely thick. You could make so much money as a porn star with this thing!

You rip your eyes away from your new sex god, and go to the other security guard. He is black, with short black hair. He is muscled, but not as muscled as the blonde one. You slip down his pants to a find a limp seven-incher. You jack it off till it’s hard, and his full length is ten inches.

A little plan forms in your head. You go over to a desk and get out two vials, and two needles. One is labeled “Flight and Super strength”, while the other is labeled, “Mind Reading, mind control, and telekinesis.” You put each vial in a needle and inject the black one with the flight and super strength, and the blonde one with mind reading, mind control, and telekinesis.

You unfreeze each, and after their initial shock of seeing Doctor Mandy and Nurse Jenny naked in front of them, their own nakedness, and you holding needles grinning with your hand outstretched, they calm down.

You explain the situation, and the blonde one says, “So I got like, the mind kit, like, that’s so cool.” You glare at him, and say, “If you use the word ‘like’ in every sentence, I will end you.”

The black one says, “See? I told you it was annoying! So I’m supposed to be able to fly?” He jumps a few times, before getting it. He grins, “Awesome.”

The blonde one says, “I’m Daniel. That guy is Keylon. So if I have mind control… I can get so many chicks!” He laughs.

You warn them, “I’m about to unfreeze the girls, if you want to get dressed first.” Both of them slip back into their clothes, and you unfreeze the girls. You tell them what you did to the guards. Doctor Mandy yells, “You did what?

Daniel nods, “Yep.”

Keylon says, “In a nutshell.”

“Yay more costumes!” exclaims Nurse Jenny sarcastically, then sighs and asks, “Color schemes?”

Daniel says, “Purple and a Dark blue, I think that represents the mind pretty well!”

Keylon thinks for a minute before answering, “A simple black suit will be nice, I don’t need anything flashy.”

You sigh, saying, “Well you’re no fun. Did you remember all that, Jenny?”

“Yeah, and what names should you two should have… Hmm… Daniel, how about ‘Main Mind’, and Keylon what do you think of ‘Nightside?’”

They like those names, and Daniel whispers to you, “Can I mind control them to suck us off? I’m so horny, man.”

You look at the blonde stud, what should you say?