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(Medical Experiments, continued by machete01...)

“I think we should run some tests,” Doctor Mandy says with a sultry smile.

You are pulled over to the examining table by the sexy little nurse, taking the opportunity to stare at her beautifully rounded butt. The doctor sits you down, bending forward and giving you a nice shot of her ample cleavage.

“Please make yourself comfortable, Steve,” the doctor says, taking out several pieces of equipment from a drawer on the other side of the room.

“Normally, we run blood tests on our subjects, but I think it’s safer that we use a different method since we can’t see your veins at all.”

Your cock begins to bulge at the thought of these sexy women rubbing their hands all over your body, but that thought is cut short as Nurse Jenny begins to strip in front of your eyes. In one sweep she yanks her tight t shirt over her head revealing a lacy black bra with rock hard nibbles shooting out of the soft fabric. She turns around and slowly pulls her skirt to her feet, her tight ass being exposed to you. Now solely in her underwear she clambers on top of you, nestling your pulsing member in between her toned thighs.

“Ah good! You’ve already begun warming him up nurse,” the doctor says, strutting over to you with a stop watch in hand, fully naked, her big tits bouncing seductively and her hips swaying side to side.

“You see Steve, another effect of the invisibility should be increased stamina. So we’re going to time how long it takes for you to cum your load all over the pretty nurse, myself, or the two of us.”

You contemplate your options as the nurse begins to grind her damp pussy on your hard cock. You really want to feel her stretched around your thick member, but how could you resist the sexy curves of the doctor just begging to be used? Or you could try and see if you can have them both.