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(Medical Experiments, continued by machete01...)

“Yes there is,” you say as you force Nurse Jenny onto all fours and kneel behind her.

“Quick” she pants, overcome with lust. “We haven’t got long.”

You grab her by her waist and force her upper body down, sticking her tight little butt into the air. She moans as you slide the entire length of your cock back into her dripping cunt and start pounding away. Her cheeks jiggle as you piston in and out of her, her cries of pleasure filling the room.

“Ohhhh! Steve, keep going! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Awww yeah! Fill me! Please cum! Oh! Ohhh!”

Jenny shivers in your grip and pushes her firm behind further onto your invisible dick as you relentlessly pound her. You pull her back and thrust a few more times into her as your cum spurts into her hot, quivering pussy.

The door clicks and swings open.