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(Medical Experiments, continued by jenz16493...)

“What the fuck have you done to me?! Is this shit permanent?” you ask Nurse Jenny.

She looks at you in disbelief. “I can’t believe that worked! Let me go get the doctor.” She runs out the door as you shout after her.

You sit there not knowing what to do. You get up and look closer in the mirror. Everything’s changed; your height, your weight — it’s like you’ve been designed to be a perfect woman. Even without make up and in your guy clothes you look stunning.

Both Doctor Mandy and Nurse Jenny walk back in. “Sit down please Steve, we have some bad news and good news,” says the doctor. “The good news is that you’re the first person ever to have been genetically transformed completely from male to female. With this serum a whole new world of modern medicine has been opened up. Trans people can finally be who they want to be and can actually design their new body!”

“Wow,” you reply. “That’s amazing but what’s the bad news?”

“It’s permanent,” chirps in Nurse Jenny.

“What?” you pretty much scream. “I’m going to be like this forever?”

“Yes, that’s what permanent means Steve,” says Doctor Mandy. “We are sorry for this but you did sign the waiver and at least you’re hot. Now we are going to have to keep you here for another hour and run some tests.”

“I can’t believe this,” you mutter under your breath.

One hour later…

“Thanks for your cooperation Steve, now here is your money and please leave the building,” Nurse Jenny tells you.

There is nothing you can do, since you signed agreeing to this. You get up and walk home. You get to your room and you realize you have no clothes for your new body. You collapse on your bed wondering how you are going to explain to everyone. You’re going to have to get a new name. So many thoughts run through your mind but one in particular.

You look down at how hot you are; your wonderful big tits and your flat stomach. You take off your overly-large shirt and your huge trousers that you had to tie the belt to the minimum just to keep them up. You lie there in your boxers rubbing your boobs and teasing your erect nipples. God, are they sensitive. You slide off your boxers to reveal your bald tight pussy.

“They designed me well,” you say as you reach down and tease yourself by rubbing around your pussy. Your fingers slip into your tight hole while your other hand rubs your clit. Your whole body shudders at this amazing feeling. You keep doing this motion getting wetter and wetter until a whole wave of pleasure overcomes you. Your body curls up at this unbelievable feeling as you moan loudly in orgasmic pleasure. You lie in your bed in your juices and think this isn’t as bad after all.

You decide that life won’t be too bad as a woman — especially a hot one, but first you’ll need to get the clothes and make up to pull off being off this new person.