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(Medical Experiments, continued by Joe...)

“Nothing,” answers Nurse Jenny. “Sorry, I don’t know what happened.”

She walks away, giving you an amazing flash of her fit ass.

“Can I get my money now?” you ask.

The nurse smiles and walks to get it, giving you a cheeky rub on the bum on her way past.

You are getting angry now. “I wish I could be anywhere but here right now,” you mutter under your breath.

Instantly you are in the middle on a field somewhere in England. You look around shocked. “I wish I was in Doctor Mandy’s office,” you venture. Immediately you appear in the stunning doctor’s office.

You have appeared behind her and she is sitting at her desk. You walk around to see what she’s doing.

“Yes that it,” she moans with her eyes shut. Then you see her fingers are rubbing her pussy fast and hard.

You cough and she snaps round to see you staring at her tight pink pussy. “Shit fuck!” she says, trying to cover up. “How the fuck did you get in?” Doctor Mandy puts on her lab coat but you can still see her juices running down her long slim legs.

“Your fucking dumb nurse injected me with a teleportation ability,” you say.

The doctor looks at you in surprise. “And you came here?”

“Well I saw you on the calendar and I had to see you in real life. Now that I know you’re a horny slut I think we should test my powers.”