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(Medical Experiments, continued by Wudward...)

“I’d be happy to,” Nurse Jenny says, a bit worked up at this point. She crawls over and starts sucking all of the cum off Doctor Mandy’s toes. Mandy bites her lip and slips two fingers into her tight little pussy. The naughty little nurse doesn’t swallow; instead she maneuvers her way up to Mandy’s mouth and starts letting cum and spit drip from her mouth into the doctor’s. The two sexy girls continue to passionately kiss as they swap your cum from each of their mouths back and forth. Eventually they each have enough spit and cum in their mouths to share as they both swallow every drop.

“I don’t think it’s fair to our patient that he only gets a footjob from you,” says Jenny. The doctor smiles and says, “what do you suggest we do about that?”

You are in a total state of pleasure as the nurse smiles, places her pretty little feet on your cock and says, “I have a good enough idea.”

Even after blowing your load all over Mandy’s toes, your cock is still hard enough for another round. Nurse Jenny starts stroking your hard cock with her feet and moans, “Oh yeah, Steve, you like the way my sexy feet feel on your big dick?”

“Fuck yeah I do, don’t stop, I wanna explode all over you,” you respond.

Doctor Mandy seems to have had enough of simply watching as she too sticks out her feet again and rubs them all over your balls. Both girls are rubbing their pretty little feet on your cock and balls and you’re still in disbelief this is happening. Mandy, with one foot still rubbing your balls, sticks out her other foot to your face offering you to suck on it. You don’t have to think twice as you begin sucking her toes and licking her soles. After a few minutes of this, the sexy doctor gets up and moves over to Jenny, who is still stroking your cock with her pretty feet. Mandy leans in and starts basically tongue fucking Nurse Jenny’s mouth.

The doctor puts one leg over Jenny’s body to face her, still leaving room for the nurse to continue stroking your cock with her toes. As Jenny and Mandy keep making out and spitting in each other’s mouths, you have a terrific view of the doctor’s beautiful ass. You lean forward and start massaging it and biting it erotically.

Mandy takes a brief break to turn around and observe the work you are doing on her ass. “Finger it hard for me, Steve. I wanna cum all over Jenny’s stomach,” Mandy says. You happily oblige her request as she moves one of her hands down to rapidly finger her pussy, still passionately kissing the sexy nurse.

Mandy begins to shiver as she starts to scream in pleasure. She yells, “Oh yeah! Keep fucking doing that, I’m going to cum!” You manage to look over and see juices spraying out of her pussy all over Nurse Jenny’s stomach as she collapses. This inhibits the sexy nurse from continuing her footjob.

The two girls start making out and rubbing their sweaty bodies together. Mandy is dripping with sweat and a thin lock of her hair is stuck to her forehead. “Get over here,” you request and the girls squirm their way over on their knees. They get on either side over you and start rubbing their fantastic tits all over your cock. They lean in and start kissing each other. The kiss is very sloppy and wet so saliva start dripping down from their chins and onto their tits and your cock.

Jenny moans, “Oh yeah, Steve, you wanna cum for us? You like the way our titties feel on your massive cock?”

You tell them to stop and open their mouths. Both girls are fingering their pussies hard and you feel like you’re about to explode. They take turns spitting and sucking on your cock. “Fucking cum for us, Steve, we wanna taste it,” says the doctor. Jenny too is eager to taste your cum as she begs, “blow it all over our mouths and tits!”

They stick out their tongues and rub your balls as you stroke your cock. You feel as if you can take it no longer as you release your cum all over the sexy girls. A strand gets into Jenny’s eye and another up Mandy’s nose. You’ve never cum so much in your life as your cock sprays out cum like a hose, landing in their mouths, tits, and hair.

They suck your cock dry and once again swap your cum into each other’s mouths. Spit and cum is everywhere. You sit down to recover from your orgasm as you watch the two sweaty girls spit cum onto each other’s tits and stomach. Mandy jumps on Nurse Jenny and they start rubbing their bodies back and forth on each other with your cum sandwiched between them. Jenny has yet to cum so Mandy opens up her legs and starts scissoring the cute nurse’s pussy with hers.

You walk over and manage to slip a finger between their pussies and into Jenny’s. She yells, “I’m going to cum, and oh my gosh, I think I’m going to squirt!” She squirts all over your hand, in between their legs, and all over Doctor Mandy’s torso and pussy.

The three of you stand there breathing heavily and you fall in between the two beautiful girls. They lean in and start kissing your neck and licking your face and mouth. Your rub their tits with your hands as you continue receiving their lips and saliva on your face. All of you are drenched in sweat.

You slide down and move their feet together. You start licking their soles and their toes as they giggle and start to kiss one another. Their toes taste wonderful in your mouth and you wonder if you’ll ever have an opportunity like this again. You get on your knees and give their feet on last rub with your cock before collapsing between them again.

“So,” you ask. “What now?”

The two girls look at each other, Mandy leans over you and whispers something into Jenny’s ear causing her to giggle. She gives her a kiss on the lips and then they both look back up at you. Nurse Jenny finally speaks, “I don’t think we’re done here.”

You are shocked but excited. She speaks again, “I think we should move onto penetration. What do you say? You wanna fuck us both right now? We’re willing if you are.”

You pause for a moment to think. You’re most definitely not going to pass up on sticking your dick into these pretty girls, and there’s no telling how long the effect of the pheromones will last, so you’d better make the most of it while it lasts.

The only question is who should you fuck first?