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(Medical Experiments, continued by writinghorny...)

“You!” you reply and pull Doctor Mandy’s hand off your cock. Dragging her forcibly on the desk, you tear off her skirt and panties in frustration for what you need.

“Oh yes, I hope you really want my sample Doc,” you warn her before inserting the full length of the cock into her pussy, giving her no time to grasp her predicament, and begin furiously fucking her brains out.

“Oh fuck Doc, I’m taking longer than usual. I hope you remain alive after I’m through,” you warn her further as you penetrate her furiously, giving rise to her first orgasm and then a second and a third and then the fourth, leaving her almost out of breath, face soaked with sweat and tears.

“Yes Doc, take my sample!” You cum as you punish her pussy and torrents of jizz erupt out of her as her beautiful body collapses on the floor.

You’ve cum a lot, but your boner isn’t gone yet.

“It’s still hard!” Nurse Jenny sighs in fear and horror at the sight of the aftermath of Doctor Mandy.

“Well you know what that means Jenny!” You give her a devilish grin as she gulps out of fear and excitement, walking backwards into the wall behind her.