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(Medical Experiments, continued by Hyperdreams...)

Driven almost insane by lust, you realize that you have to get out of the lab before you do something unspeakable to Nurse Jenny. If you stay a second longer you’ll end up fucking the shit out of her whether she wants it or not. You don’t want to take her by force, even if the little bitch deserves it.

With a tortured groan you make a break for the door.

“Steve, come back! You’re not done here,” shouts Jenny, but she’s unable to stop you. You sprint down the corridor in your underpants, your massive boner protruding from the waistband, cum dripping from your inflamed knob.

You hammer the call button for the elevator, looking over your shoulder to see Nurse Jenny in pursuit. In her hand she’s holding what appears to be a Tazer.

Not a moment too soon, the elevator doors open and you jump inside. You press the ‘door close’ button frantically but it takes seemingly forever and Jenny has almost caught up.

“Don’t make me use this on you, Steve!” she shouts.

“Don’t make me use this on you!” you cry in return, gesturing toward your impossibly tumescent cock.

Nurse Jenny hesitates and the elevator doors close.