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(Medical Experiments, continued by newstorywriter...)

“All right, cunts, onto the bus!” you scream, pointing at the one stopping nearby.

Jenny, Mandy and the other three naked women scramble mindlessly to the doors. The male driver cannot help but stare. You offer to pay their fare but he turns you down saying, “The gorgeous view is worth it.”

The driver turns to one of the college students, a blonde. “Can I have a kiss, sweety?”

She smiles brightly to him and says, “I can give you more than that, daddy.” The blonde proceeds to unzip the man’s crotch and take out his dick, slurping both sides of it before taking the entire shaft in her mouth. She sucks with an eagerness you have never seen before.

“Wow,” you think. “I didn’t tell her to do that…”

The rest of the passengers are gaping at you, the blonde, and the four other naked women with you. You consider ways to ease the tension.