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(Medical Experiments, continued by futashy33...)

“Take him home?” suggests Nurse Jenny.

You wonder what she means by this, but you’re still very preoccupied with your raging boner and where you want to unleash your load.

“That sounds interesting,” says Doctor Mandy. “Let’s finish him off first and then we can take him.”

Mandy quickly takes off her coat and reveals her stunning body. You wonder how her boobs could possibly be that huge as they bounce in her sexy red bra. As you’re focusing on her glorious boobs, Mandy takes off her red panties while walking towards you and Jenny. You can barely register what is happening as Mandy grabs your giant dick and shoves it inside her vagina. You feel as if you’re about to cum right then and there as her pussy tightly clasps around your penis, but you try your best to hold out to fuck her a bit more.

Jenny comes behind you and starts kissing the back of your neck as her giant boobs rub against your back. You continue to plow Mandy and watch her tits juggle as you bounce her up and down on your giant cock. Wanting to finally see the whole thing, you lean forward and use your teeth to tear off Mandy’s bra. Her nipples pop out and you start sucking on them. With Jenny’s boobs on your back and Mandy’s near your face, you can barely withstand their sexy bodies and you unleash a tidal wave of sperm.

Your sperm fills up Mandy’s pussy and your cock keeps pumping out more and more while sperm splashes out of her. Eventually your load stops and you notice Jenny licking up all the sperm that didn’t make it into Mandy’s cunt.

Exhausted after that awesome fuck session, you lie down, your penis still semi-erect. You close your eyes…

When you wake up, you notice yourself in a very well-kept bedroom. It’s a little girly, but still rather nice. You notice your penis is no longer erect, but you’re completely naked. Mandy enters through the door.