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(Medical Experiments, continued by BitButt...)

You stare at the nurse like she’s insane. Then, all of a sudden, your stomach starts to feel very hot. Your shirt begins to feel tighter. You look down and scream! Your stomach has swollen to the size of a beach ball and is still growing. In a matter of seconds it has ripped through your shirt. It looks like you are nine months pregnant!

Your chest starts to tingle and your nipples become very erect. You look down to see a pair of rapidly-swelling breasts. They slosh full of milk. Soon they are massive triple E’s and your areolas are the size of dinner plates. Your nipples stick out like sticks and are gushing milk by the second.

You feel your dick shrink down and transform into a dripping wet pussy. You tear off your pants and stare aghast at the transformation. Then, unable to resist, you grab you new breasts and suck the sweet milk. Your fingers reach down to play with your throbbing fat clit.

There’s a splash as your waters break. Nurse Jenny screams, just as Doctor Mandy walks in.