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(Medical Experiments, continued by BigMilky...)

As Doctor Mandy walks in, she sees your ever pregnant belly and massive dripping tits and screams, “What the fuck?!”

You feel something big begin to slide down your birth canal. “Nurse! Doctor! Fucking help me! The baby! Ugnnh!” you yell as your contractions begin. You moan, continuing to finger your pussy and suck your massive tits. “Unghhh! It’s coming!”

You fall to the floor grabbing anything to try to balance yourself. Fortunately, that “anything” is Nurse Jenny’s shirt and bra. The fabric rips and the bra flies off. Her big, sexy tits flop out.

Suddenly her tits start to shrink inward and she screams, “Doctor! My boobs!”

The Doctor looks at her in horror. “Fuck! It’s working!”

“What’s working?” you howl as the baby crowns.

“No time to expla-” she starts to say as the Nurse grunts in pain. Her massive tits are gone. In place of them are huge, sexy abs. She gasps and pulls down her panties. Her pussy is elongating into a fleshy stick. Your see it transform into a fifteen-inch dick with pre-cum dribbling from its tip.

Jenny grunts as she grasps her huge dick and shoves it up her throat.