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(Medical Experiments, continued by Freofan...)

You look at Nurse Jenny with her tits still squeezed together and her mouth looking hungry for your permanently-hard member. “Nurse, you’ve done such a good job so far I don’t want you to stop!” you blurt out.

A devilish smile is stuck on the blonde nurse’s face. “Well thank you! Now do you want to continue ramming it down my throat or do you want to try something a lot better?” she asks as she rubs her thighs seductively.

Doctor Mandy takes the hint. “I’ll be here if you ever want me to take over or help Nurse Jenny, because by the looks of it she will need to have to take the next few days off!” she says as she strokes Jenny’s hair with one hand and your throbbing member with the other. “I’ll be in my office waiting. Call me when I’m needed.” Then she walks off with the bottom of her ass hanging out.