Interactive & customizable sex stories : Create your own erotic fiction

(Medical Experiments, continued by Person...)

You go home and end up going to sleep. You wake up the next day and you look at yourself naked in the mirror. You like what you see. You realize this is your life and it might be fun.

First, you get in your car and drive to Victoria’s Secret. You walk in and ask for some of the sexiest undergarments they have. A woman helps you and guides you into a dressing room. She hands you some black lace panties and some suspenders for the night, and she gives you some hot red lace panties and a matching bra.

You buy both and walk to a local department store and buy the tightest, sluttiest, sexiest dress you can find. Then you change into your underwear and dress. They still feel weird but kind of comfortable.

The next thing you do is go to town hall and change your name legally to Jennifer and your family and friends no longer know you. You are the new girl in town.

After a long day you go to a bar and every guy hits on you, but you are still attracted to women. There’s a hot chick sitting alone on a barstool. You walk up and say hello.