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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You think it over, but honestly, you made up your mind the moment Doctor Mandy suggested it. “Okay. I’ll do it.”

“Brilliant!” she smiles. She turns to Nurse Jenny. “We’ll have to notify the girls on campus, starting with the medical staff.”

Just under two hours later, you’re inside a large tent in the middle of the college campus. Outside the tent, a huge crowd of girls and women are standing. You can see their silhouettes and you know they can see yours.

The brunette doctor enters the tent. “I gathered everyone I could. I’ve made sure every single woman out there is over eighteen and on birth control, so there’s no risk. Just remember to ask their safeword before you begin and we’ll be okay,” she informs you.

“Alright,” you answer. “I’m honestly pretty nervous. After all, I’m as ugly as can be.”

“Steve, you’re a tentacle monster,” Doctor Mandy tells you sarcastically. “Looks don’t count for jack for monsters in anime.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m just half terrified, half anxious,” you tell her.

“Well, I know a way to help with that,” the hot brunette replies, stripping off her lab coat to reveal a pair of huge tits and a see-through g-string covering a pouted pussy. “I haven’t had a chance to try you out myself, after all.”

“Wait a second — what’s your safeword?” you ask, remembering suddenly.

“Good man,” she smiles. “It’s ‘Swimsuit’.”

“Swimsuit,” you recite. “Got it.”

“Now, would you rather I lube your tentacles up or just go straight into it?” Doctor Mandy asks.