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(Medical Experiments, continued by PreggoBimbo...)

“Woah! Calm down! Just breathe! The baby is crowning, you’ll be fine! Just let me suck those mamms!” Doctor Mandy yells as she seizes your gushing tits. She latches her salivating mouth on to your DDD’s and sucks.

“Oh god… don’t stop!” you exclaim as you continue to finger yourself. All of a sudden, your huge milkers start to tingle. With an “Ugh! Oh!” you grab your breasts as they become massive JJJ’s. The milk is literally pouring out of your fist-sized nipples.

Doctor Mandy screams. “Ooh yeah! Steve, baby, keep them growing! We need all the milk we can get! Nurse! Quit that blowjob and get over here! Penetrate her ass! I need to eat her cum!”