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(Medical Experiments, continued by Anonymous...)

You reach over and unclasp the sexy little nurse’s bra. Two perky little breasts capped off with hard, pink nipples pop out. You start massaging them while she grinds against your cock. Anyone watching would think that her breasts were moving and deforming of their own accord as they are groped by your invisible hands.

“Ohhhh… That feels so good Steve!” Jenny moans. She stands up and peels off her panties. Underneath is clean-shaven pussy.

“I’m gonna get a lot of semen from this sample,” Jenny coos seductively. The nurse slowly impales herself on your cock. Her warm, wet pussy feels exquisite around your penis. You engage in fast-paced fucking for an hour during which Jenny cums four times and you have yet to blow your load.

“I can’t handle anymore!” Jenny screams after her fourth orgasm. She stands up panting and sweating hard. “You’ll have to finish him Doc,” she gasps, her chest heaving.

“Gladly,” Doctor Mandy says as she walks up to the examining table. The doctor’s gorgeous tits sway in front of your cock. She easily locates your dick because Jenny’s pussy juices are glistening along its transparent length. She nestles it between her perfectly tan boobs and begins pumping.

“Cum for me,” Mandy says. Your balls boil over and explode ounces cum over the doctor’s tits. NurseJenny collects the sample and takes a rather large taste too.

“What do you think we should do with him now?” she asks the doctor.