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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You grin at the thought of fucking countless amounts of college girls. The college is at least seventy-percent female because of the famous beauty and hairdressing courses the college offers. Not all of them can have a way to release their urges, so you figure you’ll be doing them a favor.

You head to the centre of the campus which is marked by a 10 foot wide circle. Along the way, you don’t see many people, which you guess is both a good and bad thing.

When you reach the college campus centre you simply sit down on the grass. Good things come to those who wait, and from looking at a clock tower you figure that it isn’t lunchtime yet.

When the bell across campus rings some time later, you feel a smile creep across your face. A group of girls emerge from the right side of the college and look over at you when they approach the circle. Some of them have a hushed discussion while others just immediately walk over to you, a little bit zombie-ish.

You stop them by holding up your hand. “One at a time, ladies.” you tell them simply. The girls grudgingly get into a queue, with a little bit of pushing and shoving.

The first girl in the line almost jumps at you. She has long blonde hair, bright green eyes and she’s built around the same way you are. She slides her panties down her legs, lies on the grass in front of you and spreads her legs welcoming.

You only have one question as you unsheathe your cock. “Are you over eighteen, my girl?” You don’t want to get arrested for sex with a minor, after all.

The blonde nods and replies, “I turned nineteen yesterday. And yes, I give my full consent to have sex with you,” she adds, saving you the question.

With no hesitation, you thrust into her pussy and begin pounding her hard. Her tight wet cunt, combined with her moans and the anxious gasps of the girls watching, quickly send you over the edge. You shoot your cum inside her pussy. She smiles at you, clearly satisfied.

The next girl is a well built brunette and is clearly horny as hell. She yanks her panties to the side as soon as you pull out of the first girl. You turn yourself over, guessing that she wants to go on top. She smiles at your action. “I’m twenty and I want you to fuck me.”

She straddles you and slides your cock into her, moaning as it fills her tight pussy. She bounces up and down on your dick, her pussy like a soaking wet vice. You’re able to last a bit longer, and she is able to cum before you shoot your cum upwards into her tight hole.

After a solid hour of fucking every girl who consents, you’re still not tired. You guess the serum gave you superhuman stamina in addition to pheromones.

Some of the girls around you crawl towards you and cuddle or touch some part of you. The other girls notice this and mimic the action. Suddenly you’ve got at least twenty girls all cuddling or touching you. “This must be what owning a harem feels like,” you think to yourself.

One of the girls close to your face suddenly speaks up. “Hey… what’s your name?”

You smile as you answer.