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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You feel a tremendous pain in your groin, as if someone’s grabbed hold of your cock and is trying to pull it off. You grab hold of it and find that it’s growing rapidly. You wince as the pain intensifies, but all of a sudden it stops.

“Steve, are you okay?” Nurse Jenny asks, looking worried.

You don’t know how to answer. You just know that your pants suddenly feel extremely tight and uncomfortable. You slide them down your legs and a huge sixteen-inch cock flops out. You’re understandably shocked.

“Holy shit…” Jenny mutters.

“Okay, I might have always wanted a bigger cock, but not this big. What girl will want to risk fucking me now? I’ll tear them all in half,” you lament.

“You’re kidding, right?” Jenny asks you. “I’d relish a chance to even touch a monster like that. No photo or video I’ve ever seen compares to seeing one in real life.”

She can’t take her eyes off your new cock, and her mouth is agape. Her hand is even heading towards her pussy, seemingly subconsciously. You get an idea.

“So you’re saying you’d willingly fuck me?” you ask the nurse.

Her answer is instantaneous. “In a heartbeat. I’d do anything you wanted me to. Anything at all.”

Anything at all? That sounds like a good deal to you.