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(Medical Experiments, continued by Lucifer...)

“Well hello right back,” she chirps. She looks incredible with her black tank top, skinny jeans and brunette hair in a Pixie cut, and you wonder why she’s in a place like this.

She turns to you, holds out a hand and grins, showing her perfect teeth. “I’m Becca, and you are?”

The habit of a lifetime is hard to break. “Steve,” you say, forgetting that your new name is Jennifer.

Becca giggles. “Really? You don’t really suit the name, but who am I to judge. What’s your poison?” She gestures to the drinks and signals to the bartender, who takes your order and brings you drink after drink as you talk through the night. Becca does most of the talking, but you make up the occasional story of your life here and there.

After a long night of drinks, talking and loud music, you stumble out of the bar on Becca’s shoulder. “Lemme get you a cab.” She staggers over to the curb, flags down a taxi and, as you both step in, asks, “Where to? We could head back to your place, or… mine’s always free.” She winks and you can’t help but wonder what she has in mind.