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(Medical Experiments, continued by DrLurve...)

“Oh it’s nothing really, just a simple serum that we’re trying out. Something that will save thousands in medical expenses for a section of our population that can often feel a little helpless. You’re a hero really,” says Nurse Jenny nonchalantly.

“What section of the population is that then?” you ask, your eyes blurring rapidly. “Penis growth? Erectile dysfunction?”

“Oh nothing like that,” Jenny says, shaking her head. “Just boys who want to be girls, but you know, still keep that special something down below.” She calmly continues putting away the implements she was using moments ago.

It takes a minute for it to register. “You mean… ” You go to move toward her, but your legs begin to falter underneath you, and you realize a slow, electric tingling sensation starting from your feet is travelling up your body. “You mean this is, what, hormone treatment for shemales or something?”

“Ohhhhh, don’t be silly,” Jenny answers, looking you straight in the eyes with a smile. A sense of relief takes over your head, but your body is starting to electrify all the more with every passing second. A kind of stimulating euphoria. You’re becoming incapacitated.

“Don’t be such a silly boy,” the nurse continues. “This serum won’t just give you the hormones, it will actually make you into a fully-fledged shemale. Absolutely everything included! It’s revelational!”

Her words reverberate, chopping and changing in your head, as your senses start to overload. You lean back against the wall, the powerful electrical, somewhat primitive sexual voltage that is now surging up to your chest pushes you backward almost physically, and Nurse Jenny’s words begin to echo in your head.

“Did she just say?” you mumble in your inner monologue (or do you say it out loud? You can’t be sure.) “Did she just say?”

You try to speak again, but no words come out — only thoughts of “sex, sex, sex, sex.” What’s going on? Sex. You feel intoxicated with passion.

“Sit down here and just enjoy the transition,” Jenny says with a wicked smile. Your pants heave against your manhood, as your full 9 inches of pride pushes against your zipper. Your whole body at full attention as the serum invades your nerve endings. “When it’s finished, you will be the stunningly beautiful woman you always wanted, or didn’t want, to be!”

Jenny playfully pulls the waistband of your trousers outwards to look inside at your manhood on full attention. “Oh my!” She flinches with excitement. “With one darn beautiful exception too.”

You follow her glance and catch a glimpse of your little man. Your eyebrows visibly raise as you can see it looks a helluva lot bigger than usual. Your eyes cross and you cascade into a bliss of ecstasy and sexual lust.

“Oh yeah there’s another perk of the serum,” Jenny finishes. “You’ll have at least another three inches on that lovely big tool of yours.” She laughs.

The pleasure is too much now, and you sit down, or did you fall? You grab the sides of the chair with the tension of a white knuckle ride, bite your lip so hard it nearly bleeds, writhe your hips up into the air for a second or two — and then pass out.