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(Medical Experiments, continued by turnon...)

You drop to your knees and moan. The world spins. “Nurse? I feel…”

You continue to moan as you feel hands grab your tool.“Just wait. It gets better,” you hear Nurse Jenny say. You feel the hands move to your chest and flick you nipples.

“What the hell?” you scream. Then you start to tingle. “Wooh! Is it just me or is it hot in here?” you exclaim, standing up shakily to strip your shirt off. You hesitate and decide not to. You notice small, thick nubs poking up from your chest.

“Woah! Is this supposed to have side effects?” you ask, staring at the nurse.

“Oh, just wait Steve. We’re going to have an ‘udderly’ good time!” she replies, scribbling stuff down on the clipboard.

Your hands slide up your shirt to feel the nubs. To your surprise they are your nipples! Only women have nips like this, you think to yourself. All of a sudden, your chest starts to become soft and silky. You look at your hands and find them covered with a soft hair and in a cow print pattern.

“Mooo! What is happening? What do I mean moo?” you scream, scratching furiously at your arms. Your shirt is tight and uncomfortable. You look down and see pert A cups poking through. A surge of energy flows to your chest. Your breasts go up several cup sizes. They are now at least triple-Ds.

Another surge flows through. Two wet spots appear at your boobs. “Nurse?”