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(Medical Experiments, continued by Cow...)

“Yes, Steve?” the Nurse says, looking at you innocently.

“Was this supposed to happen?” you demand, pointing at your milk soaked boobs.

“Oh yes! We’re starting a dairy farm, but there aren’t enough cows,” she says, her face pouting.

“So you resort to-” you begin, but are cut off when a strange sensation fills your stomach. You look down and see two more thick nubs poking out. You throw off your shirt in terror, only to see fat, rubbery nipples forming. You frantically pull on the nipples as they engorge into huge boobs. Your other breasts lower to join them. Your “udders” start rapidly gushing sweet milk and your dick becomes extremely erect.

“Ooh! You’re going to be quite popular!” Nurse Jenny exclaims, bending over to flick your nipples.

“Ow! That hurts!” you scream as your “milk production” doubles. You drop to your knees in pain as your dick seems to burn. “Fuck!” you scream, grabbing your rapidly shrinking member. Your ass inflates, becoming fat and flabby. You bones crack as they rearrange into the cows form. Your dick becomes a throbbing pussy as moves to its rightful position.

“Moo!” you say, struggling to form words.

“Yes, that’s my good, fat cow! You should be a breeder with a body like that!” the nurse exclaims, slapping your ass and your udders.

You moan as more transformations occur.