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(Medical Experiments, continued by ZA ZA ZA...)

“Anything?” you ask, slightly taken by surprise. After all, she did say she couldn’t see anyone who volunteered to be a test subject in exchange for cash, earlier.

“Anything!” Nurse Jenny replies, eager and willing, not taking her eyes off your shaft.

“Okay then,” you reply with a smirk. “Take off your skirt!”

She has no problems with that one, she removes her tight skirt in one swift movement to reveal a silk, black thong.

“Sit on my lap!” you order, thoroughly enjoying your treatment so far. Jenny seductively walks over to you and sits down between your thighs. She moves her ass a bit, making your cock twitch.

“Suck my dick!” you say, as seductively as you can. The nurse does as she is told and spits on your massive rod. Damn, it feels so good. She then shoves your cock into her mouth and starts going at it as hard as she can until she gags.

“Bend over!” you say excitedly.

She sexily and slowly bends down and removes her thong as she goes.

“Are you ready?” you ask, taut with anticipation.

“Yes!” she replies, impatient for you to fuck her hard.

You shove your newly-enormous dick into her as far as it will go and she lets out a scream of delight as it stretches her pussy to its limits. You start humping her, and squeezing her massive tits and every time you pump your cock into her she squeals as it bangs her cervix.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, daddy, fuck me yes!” Jenny screams. It seems she doesn’t care who hears her orgasm. The nurse is rapidly rubbing her sensitive clitoris and you start pounding her harder until you both are moaning in delight. Then, in one synchronized movement you both come, long and sweet. You finish by eating her out.

“That was amazing!” you both sigh, at exactly the same time.