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(Medical Experiments, continued by MonkeyDick...)

Instead of jumping out of Jenny’s pussy as you expected, your vile spawn jumps out of her chest. Blood oozes from what was once the nurse’s perfect pair of tits, her chest now an empty cavity. Doctor Mandy screams in horror as she views the nurse’s lifeless body on the ground, your spawn staring up at her curiously, almost crablike in shape. Her scream is cut short as another one of your horrifying children bursts from her own chest.

You look at the scene of the now nearly-destroyed lab. In the back of your mind you know you should call someone for help, but any vestige of humanity has long since passed. The beast is in full control now.

You turn and look back at the mirror and your body has returned, but as you try to go and get help you realize you can’t. The beast won’t let you. You peer into the mirror and look deep into eyes that you know aren’t your own. You turn back to the two mangled women and notice to your surprise that your offspring have taken the form of the doctor and the nurse respectively, and all that’s left of the two women are two dainty little piles of ash.

You walk out of the lab and into the bright sunlight. If you still had control of your eyes you would cry, as three monsters gaze into their brave new world.

The End