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(Medical Experiments, continued by MonkeyDick...)

You turn slowly towards your right and see an all too familiar face staring back at you. A female version of yourself has appeared, as if out of nowhere. You shout in surprise, and all that your doppelganger can do is the same.

Being the horny bastard that you are, your mind skips over whatever morals that could possibly be applied to this situation, and immediately start undressing your clone with your eyes. She looks just like you, albeit much sexier looking, and with long hair, a round ass, and a nice pair of tits.

You look down and notice that you yourself have become much sexier. You’re not a different person, you’re simply the better version of yourself you always wished you could be. You flex your newly found muscles, view your chiseled jawline in the mirror, and affectionately pat your crotch, noticing you’ve been given a few more inches.

Your eyes return to your counterpart and you lock eyes with her. You realize that this doppelganger must be thinking the exact same thing that you were, considering that you are both the same person. Your clone takes a few short strides towards you and stops just inches before your face.

Nurse Jenny seems to have recovered from her initial shock and finally speaks up. “Uh, is there anything I can do to help you?”