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(Medical Experiments, continued by Pen Name...)

“Fuck this, I’m a man of morals,” you think. You sneak outside the hospital, but you can tell that many women are aroused by your smell alone. Luckily, men are unaffected.

You walk out and take a deep breath of fresh air. As you do this, you let your guard down, allowing a quite attractive blonde with an hourglass body hug you from behind. You jump and scream, but she just giggles. Looking at her structure and whatnot, you guess she’s extremely immature, but luckily of age. You, being the man of morals you are, push her off and quickly get away. She follows you around, still.

Even with all this, you count your blessings that very few are around. But you’d better hurry, it’s about 8:50, and you, being the man of morals you are, don’t want to get caught in the lunch rush, even at its earliest stage. You decide to try and lose this girl.

Your path takes you by the gym. Your luck runs out here, as an extremely athletic redhead walks out, and gets a whiff of you. It takes effect immediately, and now you have two girls following you around.

Your new path to escape them and the lunch rush (to retain your morals) takes you through the neighborrhood. It gets worse still, as the local black-haired MILF, Mrs Roberson, spots you. You regularly watch her kids for a few bucks. They’re mostly grown up and well-behaved, so it works out. She’s currently out of range, but she’s walking up to you. She must have another job for you.

You back up to get away from her, but you back up into the two other girls. Mrs. Roberson gets within range, and stops for a second, only to revive herself, a hungry look in her eyes. She squishes you in between her and the other girls.

You consider your choices. On one hand, you could fuck the city girl, the athlete, the MILF, or maybe even all of them. Or you could retain your morals, and run. Or just give up. It’s your choice.