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(Medical Experiments, continued by C_porn...)

You decide to fuck Doctor Mandy right there, without pausing to consider her thoughts on the matter. After all, the fact that you now possess an enormous cock should be enough incentive for any woman, right?

“Hey what the fuck is happening…” she rightfully manages to question, before being cut off by your dick plunging up her pussy. Then, naturally, she almost instantly starts to moan in ecstasy.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, keep fucking me yes! Ohhhhhhhh! ” she screams as she orgasms right there. Your job done, you turn back to Nurse Jenny.

“Steve, I need you in me!” she screams, delirious at the sight of your almost-comically enlarged wiener.

You oblige and slip your dick into her already-wet pussy, stretching it to the limits.

“Yes! Yes! Uh uh uh uh keep fucking me!” she cries, parroting the cries of Doctor Mandy from just a few seconds before.

You continue for ten minutes until Jenny finally orgasms and then suddenly…

“Freeze! it’s the FBI!”

All three of you are arrested for participating in unsanctioned experiments on the human genome. You spend an hour waiting alone in an interrogation room before a cute FBI officer enters and comes up to you.

“You’re Steve, right?”


“Let’s see what they did to you.”

You flop your massive prick out on the table before her startled eyes.

There’s a pregnant pause before she licks her lips and exclaims, “I need you in me!”