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(Medical Experiments, continued by Clarice...)

“It’s your boyfriend, Dave,” calls out a masculine voice.

Nurse Jenny goes rigid for a moment. Her hands still on your cock, she drapes a cloth over you, wraps a lab coat around her naked body and goes to open the door. You can see a few things from under the cloth. Dave immediately locks into a passionate kiss with the nurse. You see him lifting her up and placing her down on the lab table. He gently removes her lab coat and realizes she’s naked underneath.

“I guess you knew I was coming over, hun,” he says cluelessly.

“You could say that,” she replies, winking in your direction. The next thing you see is Dave releasing his monstrous cock. It must be nine or ten! He begins grinding it against Jenny’s pussy. Pounding and pounding.

Then, it’s as if he smells something. “You wearing a new perfume today, hun?”

He sniffs the air a bit more, approaching you. Pre-cum drips from his dick. “Naa, it’s coming from…” he grabs the sheet and rips it off you, “here!”

Dave’s eyes drop to your cock and he begins muttering under your breath as he sinks to his knees. Cautiously at first, wanting to please you, he kisses your tip. Then his tongue traces along all of the lines before coming back down to the shaft. He massages your balls a bit but you can tell he’s eager to get onto the main event. You grab the back of his head and force your cock down his throat pumping in and out of him. It feels so good!

Dave’s gag reflexes make you push it in even further, pounding and pounding until you suddenly cum! Your whole body coats in sweat and your breathing becomes shallower and shallower as you release your load into Dave’s mouth. He carefully licks all of the semen off of your dick before gently placing a kiss to the shaft.

“I need more of you!” Dave cries, kissing you ravenously, his hands wandering up and down your body.

“So do I!” exclaims Nurse Jenny, whose pussy is dripping wet as she’s been masturbating in the corner. She gently flicks her nipples, making them go stiff.

Then suddenly, a door bursts open — it’s Doctor Mandy! “I need you most!” she cries.