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(Medical Experiments, continued by Nyanshellder...)

Your sight becomes more clear and you see Nurse Jenny with her mouth open.

“Jenny?” you ask. You notice she’s become nervous and started looking at you in a sexual way, smiling.

“Steve, you’re so…” Jenny begins.

“I’m so what?” you ask.

Then suddenly Jenny says, “c-can I please fuck you?”

You are lost for words and don’t know what to say.

“Please. I — I love you!” begs Jenny.

You decide to put this to the test. “Give me a handjob,” you ask. And without any delay you find Jenny pulling down your trousers and stroking your cock. Her hands are smooth and gentle and she is enjoying it too.

“Are you enjoying this, baby?” she asks seductively.

“Oh god yes, it’s like a dream,” you moan before you start to cum. Jenny’s eyes light up when she sees your cock spurting, your cum dribbling down over her wrist.

“Oh God, brilliant! Please — you’ve got to fuck me!” Jenny begs.

Fucking her would be good, but maybe you could think of better.