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(Medical Experiments, continued by Tracy...)

After mating with this bombshell of a woman, you have the urge to speak your seed to the universe, starting with this university.

You begin with the nurse. She beckons for the chance to be impregnated by such a man, and you begin. She shrieks and moans as you swiftly pound her into a desk in the corner. After a few minutes, you’ve emptied your balls into her, and she lies in a puddle of her own squirt. You ask them both to follow you.

You head home after knocking up two more women, one a small, young-looking girl wearing a red hoodie, and jeans with long, red hair. She is now following you, sans pants. The second was a tall, fit, blonde woman, formerly wearing tight-fitting athletic clothing. She is begging for more of your seed inside her.

You head to your car and ask them, “What would you offer for me to fuck you at any moment? Raw, unprotected fucking, on demand?”

Nurse Jenny responds first. “All of my money to submit to you as a wife. Please just breed with me, more!” The other three nod in agreement.

You drive home and set up a grand bed, for all four of the ladies and yourself, and tell them to stay home for a bit. After this, you head out to a store, and get sex toys for your wives, plus ropes, duct tape, and viagra, among other, less significant things.

Upon your return, the smaller girl is fucking Nurse Jenny, while Doctor Mandy masturbates, and the fit girl from the university is half asleep watching them go at it. You arrive and announce: “From this point forward, you are effectively my slaves. I will feed you, keep you healthy, and well kept, but your purpose is to service me.”

You then instruct all of them to go with you to the bank, to take all of their money, and since the small girl has recently inherited a few million dollars, you receive $4.2 million, and four willing fuck-toys.

While you head back, you ponder your next move. Should you fuck one of your servants, find a few new fuck-toys, or even call their moms to service you? You are also fairly sure that the university management are female, and the majority of the board are as well.