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(Medical Experiments, continued by IronManHulkbuster...)

Both you and Jenny are panting from the intense session that has taken place. But eventually you sit up and look down at the nurse. She’s exhausted, lying down on the ground. “Wanna go again?” you ask, giving her a mischievous grin.

“Daddy please do,” she replies between breaths. “All I want is that massive cock.” Without being asked she rolls around and raises up a little, getting into a doggy position. “Please fuck me hard! I’m so desperate!”

Despite how taken aback you are, your massive dick is more excited than anything. But you notice something — it’s grown even more! It is now a whole twenty inches, and incredibly hard.

“Baby, ready for this?” You’re genuinely unsure whether this is a good idea. But Jenny’s lustful eyes and animalistic hormones make her too good to resist. She shakes her ass in anticipation. “Daddy fuck me! Make me moan!”

It’s all you need. You slide in as much as can fit, but just twelve of those inches can fit. Despite this, Nurse Jenny goes crazy. Each thump is greeted with her high-pitched squeal of delight. Her ass and massive boobs wobble in synch with your pattern of fucking her. In almost no time at all, you can feel her vagina walls clamp. A burst of her juices bathe your dick. But the real beauty is her face, which you can see in the mirror. Her eyes are rolled back in ecstasy, her hair flinging onto her face and sticking to her sweat. She’s been completely broken in the end, collapsing onto the floor.

This sends you towards cumming yourself. You quickly decide to pull out and spray your semen all over her body. Your balls have grown too, meaning that you almost covered her entirely. In the end, she looks like a ragdoll sex toy that has been used up over and over again.