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(Medical Experiments, continued by IronManHulkbuster...)

After two minutes, you manage to catch some of your breath back. Your cock still feels erect, like it wants to burst all over again. You have a new lust-to fuck. It isn’t consuming like it was for Jenny, but it is a strong urge. Seeing the nurse sprawled in your cum doesn’t help.

“This has been so much fun, bu-” you begin.

“Master…” the nurse mumbles under her breath. “I serve… your cock.” She slowly rises up up from her position, looking up to you. It seems as if whoever Jenny was before you came along is all gone —replaced by some bimbo. “What are my orders Master Steve?”

In shock, you sit on the nurse’s chair. Your cock and brain have always wanted a slutty slave to serve your every whim. “There’s some cum on the floor, slut. Clean it up.”

Jenny is quickly on all fours again, this time bending her head right down. Her tongue is amazing, licking up the pool of your cum that has dribbled off her body. After she has finished (a good minute later), she looks down at her sticky chest. “Master… Please give me more of your cum, all over my tits. Please, I need it so bad. My pussy’s soaked just imagining it all spurting out.”

Your cock is fully erect again and you wave it in her direction. “Make me cum then, slut,” you smirk giving the order.

Jenny decides that the best way to pleasure you is by using her tits. She slides your cock between them and begins to rub both her boobs up and down. As she does this her whole body wobbles with her. She doesn’t even start slow — desperation for cum means she needs to be quick. While she titty-fucks you she babbles, “Yes Master, I want to be fucked every single day by your massive dick. I’ll worship you forever, just please give it to me! Fuck yes, please Master. Give me your cum.”

After a few minutes, you can’t help yourself. With a loud cry, you spew your semen all across her front — it covers her happily-surprised face, her nice boobs and her flat stomach. It even manages to stick in her blonde hair.

Nurse Jenny gives you was a devilish grin. “Thank you Master!” She blows a kiss to you and tilts her head. Now she truly is a bimbo. “Where should we fuck next?”