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(Medical Experiments, continued by Nyanshellder...)

You wake up, confused. “Where am I? I thought I was watching that brunette su…”

You are interrupted by a voice. “Welcome to your atonement, Steve.”

You recognize the voice — but from where?

“Wh-who are? Where am I? Why am I here?” you say, speaking so quickly you don’t even give the voice time to reply.

“You have treated women like tools for sex and pleasure for years so I made you broke, so desperate for money that you had no choice but to accept the offer to take part in the experiment,” the voice says.

“But what do you mean by atonement?” you reply, without a clue of what’s going on.

That’s when you realize where you’ve heard the voice before. It is your voice!

“But I…” you cut yourself off.

Your voice is higher like a girl’s. You feel like your chest is heavier and you can’t feel your dick. You soon notice that you’re wearing a nurse’s outfit and that you now have long blonde hair.

“What happened to me?” you yell with the voice of a girl.

“Take a look,” replies the voice as it laughs at you.

Suddenly a mirror appears in front of you and you see that you have been transformed into Nurse Jenny! You think that you must be dreaming so you grab your new tits. They feel so real, so soft, so good… but before you can start playing with your new pussy someone taps you on the shoulder.

You look to see who it is and you see yourself, naked. Not a pretty sight. Also, annoyingly, his dick is longer than yours was.

You’re speechless.

“Now, as your punishment, you must do as I say, no matter what it is. Understand?” he/you says.


“Okay good,” he interrupts. “So — what to do first?”