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(Medical Experiments, continued by Nyanshellder...)

“Oh I know, give me a blowjob!” he says with a grin on his face.

“What!” you yell.

“Oh sorry, I thought you wanted to leave,” he says sarcastically.

You take a deep breath. “Okay fine, I’ll try,” you say reluctantly.

“That’s the spirit! Oh, and by the way my name is Himeros the god of sexual desire,” says Himeros with his irritating grin.

You reluctantly kneel down and put his annoyingly-big dick in your mouth, but without any warning Himeros grabs your hair and rams his dick into your mouth. You try to yell but his dick won’t let you.

You have only ever watched porn of this sort of thing and you never thought that you would actually be blowing someone. You never thought you’d be transformed into a hot girl, either.

“I’m about to cum, are you ready?” he laughs.

You try to shake your head but you find yourself unable to. Then you suddenly feel something in your mouth. As soon as you realize what it is you try to spit it out but Himeros won’t let you.

“Go on, as soon as you swallow it we can continue. I have only just started to have fun,” Himeros says.

Eventually you decide to swallow his cum. It tastes salty and unpleasant.

“Good girl!”

You find yourself panting. “That was fun! What next?”