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(Medical Experiments, continued by andreacow gurl...)

You try saying “Noooo,” but instead of that coming out, you say “Moooo!”

“Hee hee!” laughs Doctor Mandy, “Beg for us to let you go!”

Hmmm. You think you’re saying “please let me go” but instead you’re saying “mooo.” It’s really annoying.

“What did that sissy cow say, Jenny? I didn’t quite get that,” asks the doctor.

“I think she said, ‘I’m glad to be a cow,’” replies Nurse Jenny.

Again you try to say “Let me go” but all that comes out is, “Moooo… mooooo…. mooooo…”

A button is pressed and a cow stall with “Steve” written on it is revealed. They usher you inside. “Mooo, mooo, mooo,” you protest, as they attach a metal collar and tubes to your udders.

They turn on the machine and your udders feel stimulating sensations, causing you to produce milk. A video plays as you are milked.

“Welcome to the dairy farm, sweetie,” says Doctor Mandy’s recorded voice. “You will be producing lots of milk for us. You will only be released outside for twenty-five minutes each day to do your cow poos and pee. What we want you to understand, our sweet cow, is that eventually we will bring a bull with a huge cock to breed with you. This is your life now.”


The End