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(Medical Experiments, continued by Zelda...)

The doctor starts fingering herself, her breath coming out in short, desperate, gasps. “I must have a sample of this!” she cries out in pleasure, a damp spot now showing on her panties as she lifts her lab coat to shove her fingers in and out. “It seems as though the pheromones are irresitable. A sample can help determine what it is in the syringe that causes it and what the effects are. Please give me a fucking trial!”

You are happy to oblige. “It’s my pleasure, doctor,” you mockingly say. Your fingers sensually trail down from her shoulder, cupping her right breast, down her waist, crawling to her inner thigh. She is more than just wet, and her juices are beginning to leak out of her black panties and down her legs.

You lick your lips before bending down and licking the juices off of her thighs.

Doctor Mandy moans in frustration. Just licking her is able to create such sexual frustration. “God, I need the sample right now!”

But you have other plans. What is the point in letting all this fun go to waste?

Meanwhile, Nurse Jenny is rubbing her breasts together and sliding her hands up and down her body while watching you two. “Please allow me to assist in the efficiency of the experiment,” she says, licking her lips.

Nurse Jenny starts crawling to you on all fours. She rips off your pants. “O-oh!” she moans at the sight of your erection. “I need you,” she rasps. “Forget Doctor Mandy. I need you first!”

Doctor Mandy is clearly not happy with this new development. “An unexpected turn in the experiment,” she scribbles furiously on a notebook she somehow obtained. You note that she is recording your actions with the nurse with great detail. How… Interesting.

“No matter,” she says, shrugging off her lab coat and discarding the rest of your clothes as she pushes herself onto you. “It is a minor complication.” She then starts furiously kissing you.

Nurse Jenny groans, also wanting to be a part of the action. Then she kisses your dick before sucking the whole thing.

You are on the brink of cumming with this immense pleasure, but both of the girls beat you to it. With the pheromones, it really doesn’t take much to get them orgasming.

“Steve!” Doctor Mandy moans as her eyes start to roll back, temporarily breaking off the kiss. You find this as an opportunity to rip off her lacy black bra and to rub her breasts together.

Jenny is very turned on by the sight of you squeezing the doctor’s breasts and flicking her nipples. She begins to rub both of her breasts together while your dick is still in her mouth.

It is too much for you to handle at once. “I-I’m going to cum!”

Nurse Jenny looks very eager to drink all your cum up, but before you can start, the doctor, apparently having recovered from her orgasm, shoves the nurse’s head away from your dick and places an enlarged test tube on your dick instead.

Your cum sprays out into the test tube, and before you know it, it’s filled to the brink with your cum with a little excess in Doctor Mandy’s cleavage.

“Yes!” she cries out. “The sample can now be tested for results!”

This seems to snap both of them out of the trance the pheromones have put them under.

“Should we test immediately while the sample is fresh, Doctor?” asks Nurse Jenny.

The doctor frowns at her, looking at the nurse’s juices still dripping down her legs. “I doubt we are in control of ourselves to do it at this time,” she says cryptically.

Jenny notices the doctor’s glance and touches her black panties, feeling the still-present dampness between her legs.

“I see,” she says, unknowingly rubbing her clit again. “The pheromones are still in effect.” Then, the temporary moment of clearness the two hot girls fades away.

Doctor Mandy smiles seductively at you. “This time I want a second sample… Inside me.”

Your dick is already hardening again at the thought. Nurse Jenny advances towards you. You grin. It’s going to be a heck of a night.

“Ready for trial 2?”

The End