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(Medical Experiments, continued by Username...)

All of the sudden, a realization hits you. What if she can’t fix you? So you let your primal instincts take over. You lash out several tentacles, pinning down Doctor Mandy and Nurse Jenny by their arms and legs, and thrust two tentacles into their mouths. The sensation feels amazing. You pump the tentacles in and out of their mouths as they gag helplessly.

You slide your remaining two tentacles into their wet pussies, pumping in and out. They groan as you relentlessly fuck their tight holes, creating pleasure in the tentacles placed in their mouths. You then pull out from their mouths, a strange idea forming in your mind.

“I will release you both on two conditions. You must immediately start working on a cure and you must be my little sluts first.”

They both vigorosly nod their heads, as you thought they would. Why? First off, they pretty much have to. Secondly, they seem like whores.

You unpin their arms and legs and demand them to get on their knees and suck a tentacle. Pretty soon all the tentacles are in action. They are both riding one, sucking one, and jacking-off two. After almost an hour of extreme hentai (and about four orgasms from each of women), you feel a familiar sensation in the tentacles. You’ve reached your climax.

Firstly the tentacles being jerked-off spurt out huge amounts of cum, covering their faces in the white, thick substance. Then the tentacles stuffed in their mouths release, overflowing their little mouths with cum which leaks down off their chins and drips onto their hot racks. Finally the tentacles in their pussies release, filling their stretched holes to the brim with hot jizz.

“I’m beginning to like my new body,” you say as they both pass out on the floor, both covered in cum.

The End