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(Medical Experiments, continued by chain93729...)

Let’s face it. It’s a fucking medical accident that just happened to land on you because you needed the cash. You end up not even looking human any more. Green skin and eight tentacles — that look like penises, mind you — scream pervert. Well, as the ghostly narrator, I think it’s about time for tides to change for you.

Your tentacles coiled tightly around Doctor Mandy feel a warmth spreading throughout her body and you squeeze. Two jets of milk shoot out from her nipples, which probably gives you an even more terrifying image with streaks of white flowing down your green body. The natural thing to do now, of course, is to fulfill your destiny as a tentacle monster. A tentacle reaches out from where your tongue was. It latches onto the brunette’s right nipple, and you take a long drink before switching to the left. She gasps in ecstasy, which earns her a tentacle in the mouth.

A random tentacle erupts from your hip. This new body has some really interesting ideas, you think, when you see that it’s quite normal. Octopus-like, to be exact.

As your legs dissolve, you call for Nurse Jenny to enter the tent. Before she can react to the scene you wrap her up in the octopus tentacle and bite her nipples too, injecting her with the same lactation-inducing venom that you gave the doctor.

More and more tentacles appear from your body and rustling can be heard from the crowd outside the tent. But for the moment you content yourself with Mandy and Jenny. The mouth-tentacle hops between breasts, while octopus-like tentacles hold their bodies in place. Your firstborn tentacles have stuffed them top and bottom and are teasing their back doors — ah, Doctor Mandy is thrashing violently to say her safe word, and you silently savor the pleasure of treating her as you please. The rest of your tentacles that look pretty much like Play-dough slap their luscious bodies randomly.

Now, you hold yourself upright on a massive, slimy, snail-like pseudopod, holding two women of the kind you used to only dream about in your tentacles, drinking from four teats, your tentacles enveloped in their heat. Your understanding of your present form increases by the second. It’s about time to turn the college into your playground.