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(Medical Experiments, continued by Mighty526...)

The FBI agent locks the door of the interrogation room, then walks back to you, stripping off her top and kicking off her black pumps as she does. You strip off your remaining clothing, leaving you naked with your enormous cock sticking out proudly.

“I’m Agent Isabella,” she says, dropping her standard-issue pencil skirt to the floor, revealing some decidedly non-regulation lacy undies. Then she jumps into your arms, narrowly avoiding serious injury when your perilously protruding prick pokes into her belly.

You start making out with Isabella. Slowly and seductively you move your hands around her back and undo her tight bra, causing her giant natural breasts to flop free. You squeeze her boobs while wrestling her tongue with your own.

“Must. Suck. Dick,” she says, pulling away from your kiss and dropping to her knees. She can barely get a quarter of it into her mouth before it hits the back of her throat. You moan as she does the best job she can, slobbering all over the head and flicking it with her tongue.

Finally she stands up and bends over the desk, tugging her panties down to reveal a very cute ass. She spreads her legs as wide as the panties will allow. “Fuck me, Steve. Fuck me hard!”

It feels so good as her tight pussy encloses your giant rock-hard dick. She’s stretched wider than she’s ever been, and you can only get half your cock inside her. You moan with pleasure, and she grunts, probably not completely with pleasure.

You fuck her over the desk for hours, filling her with multiple loads from your huge dick and reducing her to a quivering, orgasming wreck.

You get dressed and grab her keys. She tries to stop you, but finds she can no longer stand up, collapsing to the floor as you let yourself out.