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(Medical Experiments, continued by WetCat...)

You clear your head trying to think straight, but as you look down you see fancy marble tiles beneath you. You’re in a French maid dress, but there’s no bra — or panties. You’re bent over with your ass in the air, scrubbing the floor and allowing anyone to see everything. A cold breeze blows by, making you shiver as your nipples perk up painfully and your pussy beings to get unnaturally wet. As you reach back to pleasure yourself, someone slaps your hand away.

“What did Master Himeros say about touching yourself without permission?” a deep male voice snaps. You realize that the voice is the same as the weird god from before. You whimper instinctively, like you know a punishment is coming.

“I guess I’ll have to show you what happens when you defy your master!” he laughs evilly. You jump as a big hand spanks you hard. Again and again you feel your ass jiggle as he spanks you. You moan as he slaps your ass, making your pussy even more wet than it was before.

“Enjoying your punishment are you? I guess I have to amp it up a little bit. Follow me!” he commands, roughly grabbing you and yanking you up. He drags you down a long flight of stairs, until you reach a small dungeon like room. He throws you down on a hard wood table and smiles. On the corners of the table are cuffs chained to it. He snaps the cuffs around your wrists and ankles. This exposes your ass and pussy, leaving them for him to abuse. Suddenly, his hand strikes out, spanking you harder than before. You moan erotically, leaving you hornier than ever.

“Does the slut like it? Does she want it harder?” he asks tauntingly.

“Yes daddy! Fuck me harder and spank me until I cum!” The words fly out of your mouth before you can speak. With that, he smiles and slaps you so hard you let out a girlish scream. You pussy is so wet, but the chains won’t let you reach. All of a sudden you feel something big and hard pushing against your ass. You jump, knowing what it is.