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(Medical Experiments, continued by IronManHulkbuster...)

An hour had passed since you’ve fucked Nurse Jenny’s brains out. She is now your slave to control. Sneaking out of the hospital requires some trouble, what with your massive cock protruding out noticeably, and Jenny covered in your semen. Nevertheless, with help from backstreets you both manage it, but the nurse does leave a trail of cum that leaks from her holes.

Now you are at the Sex Store. Given you have a new slave, why not upgrade your tools to use on her? While you are examining the products available, Jenny stands motionless, as if she is a robot turned off. You don’t even speak to her as you collect a whole trolley of products and buy them. The man at the cashier eyes the nurse up, looking back at you after a few seconds. “She came with you, right? Did you do some wacky hypnosis or something?” The poor guy is getting horny just looking at the young woman.

You smugly look around at the two, before replying with a smile. “She just rode my cock and, sooner or later… bam.”

“God I wish I got so lucky,” the server mutters under his breath, before adding, “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

You consider for a moment. When you left the lab you had picked up some more vials of the drugs. More ‘Huge Cock’ Juice. Maybe this guy should get what he wishes…

“Actually… why don’t you just stay there for a second pal?” You then turn to the nurse, still motionless. “Slave?”

As if suddenly turned on, Nurse Jenny smiles towards her new master, ready for anything you would ask of her. “Yes Master Steve. I serve your cock and cum.”

“Give… erm” — you read the name on his work uniform — “Derek his medicine, slut.”

“Yes Master.” Without hesitation she walks over towards the cashier and gives him a small dose of the serum. It takes seconds for him to drink, and seconds for his face to portray it has worked. Derek feels his dick grow in size. Originally he wasn’t a big lad — only four inches — but now he is closer to fourteen. His hands are unsure of what to do, but Jenny’s quickly intervene when his member rips through his trousers. Dropping down to her knees, grinning like a whore on ecstasy, she begins to take a cock in each hand and gleefully rub all along their whole lengths.

Both of you moan as she continues, knowing exactly what this slut wants next…