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(Medical Experiments, continued by Jon Evans...)

You grab Doctor Mandy and pull her to the ground in front of you. She grabs your cock and begins to suck it, her spit seeming to float in thin air as it clings to your invisible cock.

Nurse Jenny crawls up behind her and licks Doctor Mandy’s pussy softly, casing the doctor to moan in pleasure. She clamps her legs around Jenny’s head and Jenny licks even faster.

You grab Doctor Mandy’s head and make her deep-throat you until you squirt an enormous load in her mouth. She then releases your cock and focuses on Jenny, who is licking her clit. She scissors her and they fuck each other, mashing their pussies together, as you tit-fuck Jenny.

You cum on Jenny’s face, the sperm seemingly materializing out of thin air, just as she and Doctor Mandy climax and orgasm in an eruption of moans and yells.

“That was goood Steve,” Doctor Mandy says as she lies next to you and Jenny. “How about another go tomorrow?”

You agree and sigh. You feel like you three are going to be doing this for a long time. And you’ll enjoy every second of it (but that could just be the effects of the dopamine…)

The End